21.1OJSC “Cheboksary Autocomponents’ Factory” was established in 1961 under the name of ”Cheboksary auto and road techniques repair factory”. By the order of RSSFR Ministry of automobile transport and highways on 30th of June in 1962, “Cheboksary auto and road techniques repair factory” was enlisted to the number of working enterprises of ChSSR. Since then the factory was assigned for manufacture of major repairs of car models M-21 “Volga” and its units. On the 18th of March in 1966 by the order №96 of RSSFR Ministry of automobile transport and highways the factory was renamed to “Cheboksary Autorepair factory”.

7There were being produced spare parts and pistons for vehicles as GAZ-51, GAZ-53, GAZ-24, ZIL, VAZ and KAMAZ. The factory mastered a production of garage equipments for the repairing of vehicles – electro mechanical hoists in 1986. Garage equipments were producing for about 10 years and in different years they were: hoist PTO-20A, mechanized post P-660 and hoist P-174. Growth of production was ensured due to the reconstruction of working and entering of new manufacturing castings as: foundry, blacksmith and spare parts, instrumental. It was decided to establish essentially new direction in extension of production and consumer goods in 1988 – transfer of production of GAZ-24 from industrial organization “GAZ”, Nizhniy Novgorod and organization of production of spare parts for this vehicle in “Cheboksary Autorepair Factory”. It was the beginning of the long term cooperation between “Cheboksary Autorepair Factory” and “GAZ”. During the privatization process “Cheboksary Autorepair Factory” was converted to open joint-stock company which registered on 25th of October in 1993.

By 1996-98 years took place reshaping of production: repair of body and engine of GAZ-24 and vehicles was completely ceased. It was being performed production of spare parts for bodies of GAZ-24 and GAZ-31. During next years was mastered production of bodies for car models as GAZ-31029, GAZ-3102, GAZ-3110, passenger-freight car “Pickup”. Also, since 1996 were emitted special vehicles with all-metal bodies on GAZ-3302, “Gazel” chassis for passenger and medical purpose which was delivered from OJSC “GAZ”.

20It was equipped academic and technical center in the factory area on preparation students of engineering faculty of Chuvash State University according to the contract between OJSC “Cheboksary Autorepair Factory” and Chuvash State University in 1997. Since 2009 was mastered output of new production – embedded parts and seat frames for car models Fiat Ducato.

OJSC “Cheboksary Autorepair Factory” was renamed to OJSC “Cheboksary Factory of Autocomponents” on 13th of May in 2011.